is a division of TNT United Services Corp. founded in January of 2007.

Our vision is to bring business back to the local communities that grow and shape our world through ZAPYAH.COM

Our company goal is to help business owners get the notoriety that they need to help grow their business by, significantly increasing their 

On-line exposure."  Equaling more customers which = more revenue $$$$$$ " at a price that they can afford.

With an combined experience of over 20 years in Business Development & the Financial Service Industry at ZAPYAH.com we understand how hard it

is for many small business owners to get the exposure that they need to help grow there business & gain notoriety, along with managing the every

day, day to day functions that go along with running a small business. 

Unlike most other search engines with ZAPYAH.com your business can be found on the internet three different ways.

1. Business Name

2. Business Category 

3. By any words that YOU place into YOUR business description 

"Yes, that's not a typo YOU get to chose the words that YOU place in your business description"


With ZAPYAH.com you don't have to purchase each zip code separately or pay per click.

This can cause smaller to mid-size businesses a fortune in advertising cost.

What are you waiting for ???

Give your business the ⇒ ZAP  that it needs!

Contact us Today to get started or click on the Sign up Tab on the Home page and get started!


Our Pledge to You

At ZAPYAH.com we pledge to give you the attention that your business deserves by providing you with exceptional customer service by caring, listening & doing our best to understand your business needs.

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